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Sun-n-Sand in Juhu: The go-to hotel for Mumbai’s Bollywood stars of the Golden Era

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Since the golden era of Bollywood, Mumbai’s first beachfront 5-star hotel-Sun-n-Sand Juhu has been the center of all the B-town action, from veteran actors and influential personnel to international talents, the hotel’s 60-year legacy has witnessed it all!

Here’s a snapshot of the glorious tales written in the ultimate beachfront destination.

Since the inception of this hotel in November 1962, it has piqued people’s interest as the only 5-star beachfront hotel to have its swimming pool. It was like a home to various actors who frequently visited and even stayed in the rooms for long durations.

One of the most influential stars of Indian Cinema, Dev Anand, had a permanent suite (number 226) at the hotel for 12 years. The Swiss crew always ensured to stay by the beachfront at the Juhu property during their trip to Mumbai. The Big B’s of Bollywood Bacchans carry the legacy of ordering food from Sun-n-Sand Hotel even today. The actor Sanjay Dutt took his first swimming lessons at the hotel’s iconic swimming pool.

The novelty of owning a pool was surely churning a magical charm as it attracted the stalwarts of the town. Shashi Kapoor, a star in the Sixties and Seventies, spent his Sundays with his family in a leisurely escape at the hotel.  Young aspiring actors like Rishi Kapoor often came around the pool to witness the landscape of an Indian poolside-viewing the first-ever bikini-clad foreign guests sun-bathing by the poolside, as confessed by the actor himself when Sun-n-Sand celebrated its golden jubilee. The hotel re-imagined leisure for the elite in society and gave them a place to indulge and enjoy the comforts and luxuries of life.

This was the destination that inspired many writers like Rohit Shetty to pen their imagination, while for others, it became a landscape to paint their vision into reality. The iconic pool area in the hotel is featured in many films, songs, and clips. Many sequences of the 1965 blockbuster Waqt were filmed here, including the key one where Meena (Sadhana) and Ravi (Sunil Dutt) propose their love for each other.

The panoramic beachfront view, scenic sunsets, and unparalleled hospitality make this hotel the perfect destination for various intimate events and large gatherings to some star-struck features! Saira Banu learned to swim at the hotel’s pool. Sridevi was a regular health club member. Rakesh Roshan, Prem Chopra, and Jeetendra were members of the Health Club. Prem Chopra’s three daughters were married at Sun-n-Sand. Sanjay Khan’s wife, Zarine, and his brother Akbar frequent all the restaurants at the hotel. Foodies Hrithik Roshan and the entire Devgn family are regulars at the hotel. Kajol’s favorite dish is fried fish in tartar sauce. Abhishek Bachchan loves the seekh kabab and biryani at the Kabab Hut.

Sachin Tendulkar celebrated a wedding party on the property. The list goes on to so many memorable moments where the hotel was the golden destination for the stars of the golden era.

The hotel’s journey was nothing less than magnificent, but as the times changed and the Bollywood landscape changed, the hotel evolved as well. The leisure and business hotel adapted to the new trends to invite new guests while always serving the same 5-star hospitality and golden age charm.

Want to know how the new age of Bollywood treats this legacy?

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